Find the collection result is [Object] ,How can show the result '[Object]' detail?

MongoDB server version: 4.2.15

seems other data is nomally show the json format detail .

test:SECONDARY> db.dataflowdatahistories.find({"_id":ObjectId("63bcc384f70dce0013cfcf0c")})
{ "_id" : ObjectId("63bcc384f70dce0013cfcf0c"), "status" : "PENDING", "analysisResult" : "PENDING", "e2eTimeCost" : 0, "failedMilestoneKeys" : [ ], "failedMilestoneData" : [ ], "parties" : [ ], "dataFlowId" : ObjectId("61b806a83c4b660016af6767"), "traceId" : "test-123", "projectId" : ObjectId("61b8057a3c4b660016af6651"), "aggregateTime" : { "year" : 2023, "month" : 1, "week" : 2, "day" : 10, "hour" : 1, "minute" : 46 }, "createdAt" : ISODate("2023-01-10T01:46:44.399Z"), "updatedAt" : ISODate("2023-02-08T07:08:05.273Z"), "__v" : 0, "messageType" : "tt", "succeedAt" : "tt", "businessKey" : null, "failedCause" : null, "failedCode" : null, "tt" : null, "senderCode" : null }

but only this data , got the [Object]

test:SECONDARY> db.dataflowdatahistories.find({"_id":ObjectId("639978c679921f6d022e814e")})

opc:SECONDARY> var test = db.dataflowdatahistories.find({"_id":ObjectId("639978c679921f6d022e814e")});
opc:SECONDARY> print(test[0])

2023-03-10T11:23:55.791+0800 E  QUERY    [js] Error: TypeError: can't convert test[0] to string :
opc:SECONDARY> printjson(test[0])

I want to know this ‘[Object]’ data how to insert into the collection? and how can I got the [Object] detail ?

Thank you for your browsing and help , Have a nice day.

Are you using mongo or mongosh and what version?

Can you give an example of a document that creates this output? Obviously another tool like Compass or mongoexport might be needed.

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Hi @chris
Thank you for your reply and help.

  ~]$ mongo --version
MongoDB shell version v4.2.15
git version: d7fd78dead621a539c20791a93abec34bb1be385
OpenSSL version: OpenSSL 1.0.1e-fips 11 Feb 2013
allocator: tcmalloc
modules: none
build environment:
    distmod: rhel70
    distarch: x86_64
    target_arch: x86_64
$ mongoexport --version
mongoexport version: r4.2.15
git version: d7fd78dead621a539c20791a93abec34bb1be385
Go version: go1.12.17
   os: linux
   arch: amd64
   compiler: gc

try to export data.

$ mongoexport --authenticationDatabase admin --port 27017 -u xxx -p xxx -d dbname -c dataflowdatahistories  --type=json -o dataflowdatahistories.json --query='{"_id":{"$oid":"639978c679921f6d022e814e"}}'
2023-03-13T10:17:19.887+0800    connected to: mongodb://localhost:27017/
2023-03-13T10:17:19.905+0800    exported 1 record

cat the export data.

$ cat dataflowdatahistories.json

export.json (115.9 KB)

Thanks again for your help. Have a nice day.

Thanks, Chris.
Maybe I find out the root cause.

I’m trying to use this command to save data. Then got the same result, but find the result did not output the [Object]. Look at the following commands.

test:PRIMARY> db.test_h.insert(db)
test:PRIMARY> db.test_h.find()
{ "_id" : ObjectId("640e944beca0dd84c5bc153a"), "_mongo" : { "slaveOk" : false, "host" : "", "defaultDB" : "admin", "_defaultSession" : [Object], "_causalConsistency" : false, "_clusterTime" : { "clusterTime" : Timestamp(1678677059, 57), "signature" : { "hash" : BinData(0,"5kBzUeXFPank5uJ2eTrtcu+kmJE="), "keyId" : NumberLong("7171362007151542467") } }, "_readMode" : "commands", "promptPrefix" : "", "authStatus" : { "replSetGetStatus" : true, "isMaster" : true }, "_writeMode" : "commands" }, "_name" : "opc_dft", "_session" : [Object], "_attachReadPreferenceToCommand" : { "code" : "function(cmdObj, readPref) {\n    \"use strict\";\n    // if the user has not set a readpref, return the original cmdObj\n    if ((readPref === null) || typeof (readPref) !== \"object\") {\n        return cmdObj;\n    }\n\n    // if user specifies $readPreference manually, then don't change it\n    if (cmdObj.hasOwnProperty(\"$readPreference\")) {\n        return cmdObj;\n    }\n\n    // copy object so we don't mutate the original\n    var clonedCmdObj = Object.extend({}, cmdObj);\n    // The server selection spec mandates that the key is '$query', but\n    // the shell has historically used 'query'. The server accepts both,\n    // so we maintain the existing behavior\n    var cmdObjWithReadPref = {query: clonedCmdObj, $readPreference: readPref};\n    return cmdObjWithReadPref;\n}" }, "_mergeCommandOptions" : { "code" : "function(obj, extraKeys) {\n    \"use strict\";\n\n    if (typeof (obj) === \"object\") {\n        if (Object.keys(extraKeys || {}).length > 0) {\n            throw Error(\"Unexpected second argument to DB.runCommand(): (type: \" +\n                        typeof (extraKeys) + \"): \" + tojson(extraKeys));\n        }\n        return obj;\n    } else if (typeof (obj) !== \"string\") {\n        throw Error(\"First argument to DB.runCommand() must be either an object or a string: \" +\n                    \"(type: \" + typeof (obj) + \"): \" + tojson(obj));\n    }\n\n    var commandName = obj;\n    var mergedCmdObj = {};\n    mergedCmdObj[commandName] = 1;\n\n    if (!extraKeys) {\n        return mergedCmdObj;\n    } else if (typeof (extraKeys) === \"object\") {\n        // this will traverse the prototype chain of extra, but keeping\n        // to maintain legacy behavior\n        for (var key in extraKeys) {\n            mergedCmdObj[key] = extraKeys[key];\n        }\n    } else {\n        throw Error(\"Second argument to DB.runCommand(\" + commandName +\n                    \") must be an object: (type: \" + typeof (extraKeys) +\n                    \"): \" + tojson(extraKeys));\n    }\n\n    return mergedCmdObj;\n}" }, "_runCommandImpl" : { "code" : "function(name, obj, options) {\n    const session = this.getSession();\n    return session._getSessionAwareClient().runCommand(session, name, obj, options);\n}" }, "_dbCommand" : { "code" : "function(obj, extra, queryOptions) {\n    \"use strict\";\n\n    // Support users who call this function with a string commandName, e.g.\n    // db.runCommand(\"commandName\", {arg1: \"value\", arg2: \"value\"}).\n    var mergedObj = this._mergeCommandOptions(obj, extra);\n\n    // if options were passed (i.e. because they were overridden on a collection), use them.\n    // Otherwise use getQueryOptions.\n    var options = (typeof (queryOptions) !== \"undefined\") ? queryOptions : this.getQueryOptions();\n\n    try {\n        return this._runCommandImpl(this._name, mergedObj, options);\n    } catch (ex) {\n        // When runCommand flowed through query, a connection error resulted in the message\n        // \"error doing query: failed\". Even though this message is arguably incorrect\n        // for a command failing due to a connection failure, we preserve it for backwards\n        // compatibility. See SERVER-18334 for details.\n        if (ex.message.indexOf(\"network error\") >= 0) {\n            throw new Error(\"error doing query: failed: \" + ex.message);\n        }\n        throw ex;\n    }\n}" }, "_dbReadCommand" : { "code" : "function(obj, extra, queryOptions) {\n    \"use strict\";\n\n    // Support users who call this function with a string commandName, e.g.\n    // db.runReadCommand(\"commandName\", {arg1: \"value\", arg2: \"value\"}).\n    obj = this._mergeCommandOptions(obj, extra);\n    queryOptions = queryOptions !== undefined ? queryOptions : this.getQueryOptions();\n\n    {\n        const session = this.getSession();\n\n        const readPreference = session._getSessionAwareClient().getReadPreference(session);\n        if (readPreference !== null) {\n            obj = this._attachReadPreferenceToCommand(obj, readPreference);\n\n            if (readPreference.mode !== \"primary\") {\n                // Set slaveOk if readPrefMode has been explicitly set with a readPreference\n                // other than primary.\n                queryOptions |= 4;\n            }\n        }\n    }\n\n    // The 'extra' parameter is not used as we have already created a merged command object.\n    return this.runCommand(obj, null, queryOptions);\n}" }, "_adminCommand" : { "code" : "function(obj, extra) {\n    if (this._name == \"admin\")\n        return this.runCommand(obj, extra);\n    return this.getSiblingDB(\"admin\").runCommand(obj, extra);\n}" }, "_runAggregate" : { "code" : "function(cmdObj, aggregateOptions) {\n    assert(cmdObj.pipeline instanceof Array, \"cmdObj must contain a 'pipeline' array\");\n    assert(cmdObj.aggregate !== undefined, \"cmdObj must contain 'aggregate' field\");\n    assert(aggregateOptions === undefined || aggregateOptions instanceof Object,\n           \"'aggregateOptions' argument must be an object\");\n\n    // Make a copy of the initial command object, i.e. {aggregate: x, pipeline: [...]}.\n    cmdObj = Object.extend({}, cmdObj);\n\n    // Make a copy of the aggregation options.\n    let optcpy = Object.extend({}, (aggregateOptions || {}));\n\n    if ('batchSize' in optcpy) {\n        if (optcpy.cursor == null) {\n            optcpy.cursor = {};\n        }\n\n        optcpy.cursor.batchSize = optcpy['batchSize'];\n        delete optcpy['batchSize'];\n    } else if ('useCursor' in optcpy) {\n        if (optcpy.cursor == null) {\n            optcpy.cursor = {};\n        }\n\n        delete optcpy['useCursor'];\n    }\n\n    const maxAwaitTimeMS = optcpy.maxAwaitTimeMS;\n    delete optcpy.maxAwaitTimeMS;\n\n    // Reassign the cleaned-up options.\n    aggregateOptions = optcpy;\n\n    // Add the options to the command object.\n    Object.extend(cmdObj, aggregateOptions);\n\n    if (!('cursor' in cmdObj)) {\n        cmdObj.cursor = {};\n    }\n\n    const pipeline = cmdObj.pipeline;\n\n    // Check whether the pipeline has a stage which performs writes like $out. If not, we may\n    // run on a Secondary and should attach a readPreference.\n    const hasWritingStage = (function() {\n        if (pipeline.length == 0) {\n            return false;\n        }\n        const lastStage = pipeline[pipeline.length - 1];\n        return lastStage.hasOwnProperty(\"$out\") || lastStage.hasOwnProperty(\"$merge\");\n    }());\n\n    const doAgg = function(cmdObj) {\n        return hasWritingStage ? this.runCommand(cmdObj) : this.runReadCommand(cmdObj);\n    }.bind(this);\n\n    const res = doAgg(cmdObj);\n\n    if (!res.ok && (res.code == 17020 || res.errmsg == \"unrecognized field \\\"cursor\") &&\n        !(\"cursor\" in aggregateOptions)) {\n        // If the command failed because cursors aren't supported and the user didn't explicitly\n        // request a cursor, try again without requesting a cursor.\n        delete cmdObj.cursor;\n\n        res = doAgg(cmdObj);\n\n        if ('result' in res && !(\"cursor\" in res)) {\n            // convert old-style output to cursor-style output\n            res.cursor = {ns: '', id: NumberLong(0)};\n            res.cursor.firstBatch = res.result;\n            delete res.result;\n        }\n    }\n\n    assert.commandWorked(res, \"aggregate failed\");\n\n    if (\"cursor\" in res) {\n        let batchSizeValue = undefined;\n\n        if (cmdObj[\"cursor\"][\"batchSize\"] > 0) {\n            batchSizeValue = cmdObj[\"cursor\"][\"batchSize\"];\n        }\n\n        return new DBCommandCursor(this, res, batchSizeValue, maxAwaitTimeMS);\n    }\n\n    return res;\n}" }, "_groupFixParms" : { "code" : "function(parmsObj) {\n    var parms = Object.extend({}, parmsObj);\n\n    if (parms.reduce) {\n        parms.$reduce = parms.reduce;  // must have $ to pass to db\n        delete parms.reduce;\n    }\n\n    if (parms.keyf) {\n        parms.$keyf = parms.keyf;\n        delete parms.keyf;\n    }\n\n    return parms;\n}" }, "_getCollectionInfosCommand" : { "code" : "function(\n    filter, nameOnly = false, authorizedCollections = false, options = {}) {\n    filter = filter || {};\n    const cmd = {\n        listCollections: 1,\n        filter: filter,\n        nameOnly: nameOnly,\n        authorizedCollections: authorizedCollections\n    };\n\n    const res = this.runCommand(Object.merge(cmd, options));\n    if (!res.ok) {\n        throw _getErrorWithCode(res, \"listCollections failed: \" + tojson(res));\n    }\n\n    return new DBCommandCursor(this, res).toArray().sort(compareOn(\"name\"));\n}" }, "_getCollectionInfosFromPrivileges" : { "code" : "function() {\n    let ret = this.runCommand({connectionStatus: 1, showPrivileges: 1});\n    if (!ret.ok) {\n        throw _getErrorWithCode(res, \"Failed to acquire collection information from privileges\");\n    }\n\n    // Parse apart collection information.\n    let result = [];\n\n    let privileges = ret.authInfo.authenticatedUserPrivileges;\n    if (privileges === undefined) {\n        return result;\n    }\n\n    privileges.forEach(privilege => {\n        let resource = privilege.resource;\n        if (resource === undefined) {\n            return;\n        }\n        let db = resource.db;\n        if (db === undefined || db !== this.getName()) {\n            return;\n        }\n        let collection = resource.collection;\n        if (collection === undefined || typeof collection !== \"string\" || collection === \"\") {\n            return;\n        }\n\n        result.push({name: collection});\n    });\n\n    return result.sort(compareOn(\"name\"));\n}" }, "_getCollectionNamesInternal" : { "code" : "function(options) {\n    return this._getCollectionInfosCommand({}, true, true, options).map(function(infoObj) {\n        return;\n    });\n}" }, "_modifyCommandToDigestPasswordIfNecessary" : { "code" : "function(cmdObj, username) {\n    if (!cmdObj[\"pwd\"]) {\n        return;\n    }\n    if (cmdObj.hasOwnProperty(\"digestPassword\")) {\n        throw Error(\"Cannot specify 'digestPassword' through the user management shell helpers, \" +\n                    \"use 'passwordDigestor' instead\");\n    }\n    var passwordDigestor = cmdObj[\"passwordDigestor\"] ? cmdObj[\"passwordDigestor\"] : \"server\";\n    if (passwordDigestor == \"server\") {\n        cmdObj[\"digestPassword\"] = true;\n    } else if (passwordDigestor == \"client\") {\n        cmdObj[\"pwd\"] = _hashPassword(username, cmdObj[\"pwd\"]);\n        cmdObj[\"digestPassword\"] = false;\n    } else {\n        throw Error(\"'passwordDigestor' must be either 'server' or 'client', got: '\" +\n                    passwordDigestor + \"'\");\n    }\n    delete cmdObj[\"passwordDigestor\"];\n}" }, "_updateUserV1" : { "code" : "function(name, updateObject, writeConcern) {\n    var setObj = {};\n    if (updateObject.pwd) {\n        setObj[\"pwd\"] = _hashPassword(name, updateObject.pwd);\n    }\n    if (updateObject.extraData) {\n        setObj[\"extraData\"] = updateObject.extraData;\n    }\n    if (updateObject.roles) {\n        setObj[\"roles\"] = updateObject.roles;\n    }\n\n    this.system.users.update({user: name, userSource: null}, {$set: setObj});\n    var errObj = this.getLastErrorObj(writeConcern['w'], writeConcern['wtimeout']);\n    if (errObj.err) {\n        throw _getErrorWithCode(errObj, \"Updating user failed: \" + errObj.err);\n    }\n}" }, "_removeUserV1" : { "code" : "function(username, writeConcern) {\n    this.getCollection(\"system.users\").remove({user: username});\n\n    var le = this.getLastErrorObj(writeConcern['w'], writeConcern['wtimeout']);\n\n    if (le.err) {\n        throw _getErrorWithCode(le, \"Couldn't remove user: \" + le.err);\n    }\n\n    if (le.n == 1) {\n        return true;\n    } else {\n        return false;\n    }\n}" }, "__pwHash" : { "code" : "function(nonce, username, pass) {\n    return hex_md5(nonce + username + _hashPassword(username, pass));\n}" }, "_defaultAuthenticationMechanism" : null, "_getDefaultAuthenticationMechanism" : { "code" : "function(username, database) {\n    if (username !== undefined) {\n        const userid = database + \".\" + username;\n        const result = this.runCommand({isMaster: 1, saslSupportedMechs: userid});\n        if (result.ok && (result.saslSupportedMechs !== undefined)) {\n            const mechs = result.saslSupportedMechs;\n            if (!Array.isArray(mechs)) {\n                throw Error(\"Server replied with invalid saslSupportedMechs response\");\n            }\n\n            if ((this._defaultAuthenticationMechanism != null) &&\n                mechs.includes(this._defaultAuthenticationMechanism)) {\n                return this._defaultAuthenticationMechanism;\n            }\n\n            // Never include PLAIN in auto-negotiation.\n            const priority = [\"GSSAPI\", \"SCRAM-SHA-256\", \"SCRAM-SHA-1\"];\n            for (var i = 0; i < priority.length; ++i) {\n                if (mechs.includes(priority[i])) {\n                    return priority[i];\n                }\n            }\n        }\n        // If isMaster doesn't support saslSupportedMechs,\n        // or if we couldn't agree on a mechanism,\n        // then fallthrough to configured default or SCRAM-SHA-1.\n    }\n\n    // Use the default auth mechanism if set on the command line.\n    if (this._defaultAuthenticationMechanism != null)\n        return this._defaultAuthenticationMechanism;\n\n    return \"SCRAM-SHA-1\";\n}" }, "_defaultGssapiServiceName" : "mongodb", "_authOrThrow" : { "code" : "function() {\n    var params;\n    if (arguments.length == 2) {\n        params = {user: arguments[0], pwd: arguments[1]};\n    } else if (arguments.length == 1) {\n        if (typeof (arguments[0]) != \"object\")\n            throw Error(\"Single-argument form of auth expects a parameter object\");\n        params = Object.extend({}, arguments[0]);\n    } else {\n        throw Error(\n            \"auth expects either (username, password) or ({ user: username, pwd: password })\");\n    }\n\n    if (params.mechanism === undefined) {\n        params.mechanism = this._getDefaultAuthenticationMechanism(params.user, this.getName());\n    }\n\n    if (params.db !== undefined) {\n        throw Error(\"Do not override db field on db.auth(). Use getMongo().auth(), instead.\");\n    }\n\n    if (params.mechanism == \"GSSAPI\" && params.serviceName == null &&\n        this._defaultGssapiServiceName != null) {\n        params.serviceName = this._defaultGssapiServiceName;\n    }\n\n    // Logging in doesn't require a session since it manipulates connection state.\n    params.db = this.getName();\n    var good = this.getMongo().auth(params);\n    if (good) {\n        // auth enabled, and should try to use isMaster and replSetGetStatus to build prompt\n        this.getMongo().authStatus = {authRequired: true, isMaster: true, replSetGetStatus: true};\n    }\n\n    return good;\n}" } }

There is another puzzle. Why the find command output is json format not the [Object]? Thanks