Find IPs of incoming connections

I need to figure out which IP my connection to MongoDB is coming from. Current set access to, but cannot find out where to see what IP is inbound and limit this horrible filter to something more sane.

I’m using FREE / shared version, and it seems like Logs are not available here, I tried to enable some logs, but cannot find them anywhere. There are no connection import in the built-in logs in projects and organisation, and I cannot find logs for the cluster.

Can I get a tip or a link towards where to look for incoming IP information? I keep pulling blanks.


Most likely it is the result of

Yeah, if only. It’s a server and I cannot find the IP. There’s no way for me to go to that URL from the server.

I need to find my external IP from the data center and not my own. :thinking:

You may use cURL or wget from the server with the link I provided.


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It’s an OutSystems (low-code) server, so no direct shell access to run curl or other things.
But I found this extension that can help find the external IP of the server in their AWS cloud:

(Server IP extension)

Thanks for your help Steeve!

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