FIND button disabled in Compass

    "schedule": "FIVE_ON_TWO_OFF",
    "date": { "$date": "2020-05-27T05:00:00.000Z"},
    "modality": "MGW",
    "wodDescription": ["20 min AMRAP", "30 cal Row", "20 Push-ups", "14 Dumbbell Power Snatch 50/35 (Masters 55+/Teens 35/25)"],
    "wodResultType": "ROUNDS_REPS",
    "repsPerRound": 64

Having read the Query Your Data page of the Compass documentation, this is what I have in the Filter field of Compass…

{ wodResultType : "ROUNDS_REPS" }

Why is the FIND button disabled as if that’s not a valid query?

Also, the documentation shows 2 different query filters for what I assume is a query on a String field:

{ Country: "Brazil" }
{ author : { $eq : "Joe Bloggs" } }

No explanation is given as to why the query operator is used in the second example, but not the first.

The $eq operator documentation says:

$eq specifies equality condition. The operator matches documents where the value of a field equals the specified value.

{ field: { $eq: value } } is equivalent to { field: value } }

I found the FIND button is enabled with the same document and query filter:

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It turned out to be Compass was hung. I became suspicious when the RESET button didn’t work either.