Filtering embedded dashboard

Hi, we’ve been building a dashboard via mongo charts and the highlighting and filtering functionality works as desired. When we embed this dashboard in our application none of the filtering or highlighting is available. Is there anyway to persist this functionally when embedding?

I’ve searched the documentation. It appears filtering and highlighting is possible when embedding single charts. I could implement a control to apply a filter to a range of single charts but this still means we would have to embed each one and manage their size and positioning. Do you have any recommend solution for this?

Additionally, why does calling getCharts on a dashboard return instances of charts that we are not able to apply a filter to?

I really appreciate any help!

Hey Elliot,

Thanks a lot for raising this ticket. We have a beta version released last week which will filter and highlight Charts that are referenced via embedded Dashboard context. You can find the documentation in this list

We have planning to move this into a stable version late next week.

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