Field Auto Encryption failing because of buildinfo field not supported

Hello everyone,

I’m preparing a mechanism to automatically encrypt some fields that contains sensitive personal information in our system. I’ve been following the guideline to setup but I’m struggling with MongoDB.Driver.Encryption.MongoEncryptionException exception being raised with the message ‘Encryption related exception: command not supported for auto encryption: buildinfo.’
I’m using the C# driver 2.18.0 which uses libmongocrypt 1.6.0 and I’ve tried with the mongrocryptd versions 5.0.14 and 6.0.3, everything in Windows.
I’ve been searching regarding this issue and it seems it was fixed in a previous libmongocrypt version, but it is still happening to me. I also read that this happens because the health check uses this command but I haven’t found a way to disable it in the C# driver.
Does someone else have this problem or know how to solve it?

Thank you very much!

hey @Jorge_Luis_Calderin_Garcia . I’m not sure how you can see this exception. One of the reasons against it that we don’t call buildInfo starting from 2.15 driver. Can you please provide a repro?

Hi Dimitry! I checked and it turned to be a library called Hangfire, I was using the same encrypted Mongo Client, and they seems to be using the command for some internal stuff. I used a raw client for that library and it started to work fine. Thank you very much!

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