Fetching permissions for current connected user

In our system, each service uses separate user credentials, each of these users has a custom role associated with them that grants specific read/write access to a certain collection.
for example, I have microservice called business-service which uses the following credentials to connect to mongo:
user: business-service-user
password: some-password

that user has a custom role of business-service-role which has read/write permissions to the businesses collection.

Sometimes we come across an issue where we forget to add the proper permissions for a user/role. What i’d like to do is during the service initialization step is have it check its permissions.
The service will have a static list of requested collections (i.e. - businesses collection) and permissions and it will make a requests to the DB to check its permissions and validate that the configuration is correct.
However, after a lot of time spent searching for an answer - I can’t figure out how can a user with very restricted permissions (i.e. read/write on a specific collection) can make a request to fetch info on its user or role. Every attempt i’ve made so far has been met with an unauthorized error coming back from the DB.
It seems every useful user/role/permissions check requires either an admin user or special permissions be added to the user - which i’m trying to avoid by using very granular permissions.

I would appreciate some help in figuring out how to accomplish what I need.