FEEDBACK: Ambiguous font in Atlas project user creation fields

When you start a new project, a username and password are suggested. The username and password fields use a font with almost identical lowercase L and capital i.

I imagine many people are like me and use a password manager on their phones, which means it’s very annoying to have to figure out which one is which on your computer every time you have to copy down info for a new project.

My suggestion is to use a monospace font in those fields for disambiguation.

Hello @Cutler_Sheridan ,

I would recommend posting your feedback/idea at MongoBD Feedback Engine. In order to help prioritize, please include the following information

  1. A brief description of what you are looking to do

  2. How you think this will help

  3. Why this matters to you


Thank you! I actually tried to find somewhere like that but wasn’t able to, appreciate the link

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