Featurecompatibilityversion value lower than current version

we have a mongodb replication cluster v4.4.
A year ago we have upgraded to 5.0.13, but the FCV value is 4.4.

Since then mongodb has released many new minor patches for v5.0. But we have not installed any new patches as the FCV value is still 4.4.

Please confirm,

  1. What should be the value of FCV for MongoDB server?
  2. Even though the FCV value is version-1, can we install minor patches?
  3. What impact it can have to not update the FCV value?

FCV should be set to 5.0 at some point after the binary upgrade to enable 5.0 features.

Yes. You can continue to the latest patch release of the 5.0 series.

  • No 5.0 features.
  • Cannot upgrade to 6.0
  • Can confuse admins when troubleshooting a cluster.
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