Failed with result 'core-dump'

I got this error when trying to start mongodb. Please help me quickly

What is your os and what version of mongodb you installed.
ILL means illegal instruction
Check if you are meeting minimum micro architecture for your platform

Also search our forum threads

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Also share log file as it may have clues. open /etc/mongod.conf file and note the systemLog.path. make a copy with txt extension, remove sensitive parts if exists, and upload/attach to your answer.

I using Ubuntu 20.04.5 LTS and MongoDB 6.0

I don’t have any logs. the folder is empty

Most like it is as @Ramachandra_Tummala has said.

One recent thread:

installing using system commands should not allow installing packages of different architectures.

so, if you downloaded the package manually (tgz?), it is highly possible your system is 32bit, but mongodb requires 64bit system.

or you downloaded x64 package, but your system is an ARM system. you need arm64 package then