Failed to Install Dependencies

Nothing happens when I try to install dependencies. I am trying to install axios v1.2.0.

When I use the Web UI:

  • Click Add Dependency and fill out the popup with Package Name axios and Package Version 1.2.0.
  • Click Add

The popup closes and nothing happens. (I have also tried clearing all my cookies, logging out and then back in, …, and nothing happens.)

When I use the realm-cli and a package.json file

  • Run realm-cli push --include-package-json.

I encounter this error: push failed: failed to install dependencies: failed to install dependencies

My realm app logs show nothing related to function updates.



Same issue here; this used to work just fine until about 4 hours ago

Same issue, nothing changed from the last deployment, which was successful

Yep same here. This looks like a service issue on Realm’s side. Can we get an update on this and confirmation it is a problem with Realm deployments?


Thank you for raising this issue with us. We have identified the problem and we are currently working on a fix to release it. Please follow our MongoDB Cloud status page regarding the problem with dependencies, where you can also subscribe to updates.


It is very concerning that there was such a significant delay between the start of the issue and Mongo becoming aware of it … (8+ hours)

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