Facing issues while configuring MongoDB with KMIP Server

Hello All,
I have configured MongoDB with KMIP server, the configuration seems correct as I can see the key is getting created in KmIP Server however I can not see the successful message as mentioned in documentation.
"[initandlisten] Created KMIP key with id: [initandlisten] Encryption key manager initialized using master key with id: "

Wheareas seeing the message as below,
[3876:0x7f6c55754700], WT_SESSION.checkpoint: [WT_VERB_CHECKPOINT_PROGRESS] saving checkpoint snapshot min: 224, snapshot max: 224 snapshot count: 0, oldest timestamp: (0, 0) , meta checkpoint timestamp: (0, 0) base write gen: 19"}}
here, the snapshot min and shampshot max values are keep increasing.

Please help / show me any pointers. Thanks in advance.