External Azure subscription unreachable - Peering Terraform Azure

Hello Guys,
I’m configuring my projects and clusters with terraform. But when try to configure de peering on Azure i got the follow error:

(“AZURE_CUSTOMER_NETWORK_UNREACHABLE”) External Azure subscription unreachable

I did all configuration by the book. I’m gues has some configuration on AzureAd.

Has Somebody ever here did the “peering” confiruration by terraform? Can show me the Azure configuration
and if i lack something?

thanks everybody.

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I also experienced the same issue. Did you found any solution?

@Davidson_Silva this happened due to an incorrect service principal(enterprise application) on the Azure end. First, create an Azure sp with application ID “e90a1407-55c3-432d-9cb1-3638900a9d22” and used its id in the role assignment’s principal_id

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Hi @Thisura_Wijesekera .

I’m sorry, i realy forgotten to response here.

But it is correct. I’ve never thount should you need to use exactly the same application ID!

You don’t need to create a new applicationId. Only use on the existing once principal.

Here the documentation:

Nice!! Tnks man.

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