Exposing MongoDB Charts via API's


What is the probability of Charts being exposed through API’s to dynamically build the charts as per use case from the Application User’s perspective and not the Application Developer’s perspective. Something like API’s to connect to data source, chart type, their various attributes and configuration and what we get in response in the embedded html for a chart, automatically created?

Is this in Charts roadmap forward? This would highly improve the Charts usability in application development.

Hi @shrey_batra! The probability of this is very high - an API allowing you to create and modify charts is already on our longer term roadmap. However we have a few things higher on our list, so it may not happen for about a year.

Could you share a bit more info on how you would use this feature? This will help us with the planning and design.



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We want user to create and customize the charts, changing the query a simple way. right now i heavily utilize embedded charts and URL parameters. But this is really insecure way to do it.

And also we need export chart data, I wrote a lambda function, and copy/paste query to generate chart so lambda send it as CSV to the browser… again, this are so horrible, insecure hacks.

… etc.

I have more requests about charts, anyway.

Thanks @coderkid. For any more feature requests, please submit/vote on them at feedback.mongodb.com. While we’ve heard the request a bit, I don’t think there’s an existing open suggestion for an API to create/manipulate charts, so feel free to submit that for others to vote on.


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Hii @tomhollander,

Sorry for the late reply. I mean to use Charts in a more generic framework. Imaging we have an application which ingests data / has a lot of data. We want to use that data to create charts/insights. Normally we use open source JS frameworks. I want to eliminate that dependency, and open up charts API, so that any user can come, ingest the data and create charts - without exposing the hidden data layer of MongoDb server connections through the Charts application. Also a lot more application permission control over who can query what data and create what type of charts / maintain dashboards, etc through a multi tenant application built on mongo and charts…

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