Exporting queried results to CSV field order in Compass

In Compass, Exporting query with filters, Select Fields:
The field order (column headers once exported to CSV) used to be in the order appearing in docs from each collection, it is now alphabetized. Does anyone know how to revert settings back to existing order or if I am going to have to use $sort (or some other command?) in each and every export?

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Show us a screenshot
When I ran export on Compass headers appearing in same order as they are in document
What is your Compass version?

Version 1.21.2 (1.21.2)

Same here with version 1.30.1

May be that is default behaviour with filter/query option
When you take full collection export it creates csv file with the same order as it exists in the collection
What i tried earlier was export full collection

Mine is only giving me the option of alphabetical, is there a setting I am missing for this?

Mongo Support has sent this issue to the Compass Team. It looks like this is a bug. Will let y’all know when a solution is reached and update here :slight_smile:

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