Export multiple functions from a single file

I read in the docs, “you can define multiple JavaScript functions in a single function file. The file must export a single JavaScript function from to serve as the entrypoint for incoming calls.”

Is there a way to call the “other” functions directly via context.functions.execute(), or do I have to call the single exported function and supply the subfunction name as a parameter and then execute the other function?
For instance it would be nice if this worked but it doesn’t
context.functions.execute( ‘entrypointFunction.otherFunction’, param1);

So would I need context.functions.execute( ‘entrypointFunction’, ‘otherFunction’, param1); and then the entrypointFunction does an execute of otherFunction?

I’d like to group similar functions into a single file rather than having one file each.

Hello @Rainer_Richter :wave:,

Its been a while since we heard from you, glad to have you back :handshake:

It appears that the multiple functions in the same file will have a starting function called via context as explained in the “Write a Function” section. The other functions can be called within the starting function or sequential calls.

However, allow me some time to confirm the details with the team and I will update you.

Your patience is much appreciated. :blush:

Please don’t hesitate to ask if you have any more questions.

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