Explode user personal email in Charts using user-specific filter

Hi Community,

I am having a concern about using Charts to visualize the data to different user. Currently , I am using user-specific filter to let different user to login and check their own charts.

However, I just check the “network” tab and found that the logged in user can actually see all the other user’s email address … Just wondering how can I prevent that happening ?

Thanks !


Hi Cat, can you give a bit more info on the scenario? It looks like it’s an embedded dashboard? How are you doing the filtering? Are you embedding using unauthenticated or authenticated mode? Are there any charts on the dashboard that show all email addresses?


Hi Tom !

Thanks for your help again ! Yes , its a dashboard !

I am using JWT token with authenticated embedded dashboard, to filter the user , I used user-specific filter :slight_smile:

Basically ,its based on email address to filter the user :

// Return a filter based on token attributes, e.g:
return { email: context.token.username };

Are there any charts on the dashboard that show all email addresses?
No , None of the chart is showing “email address”

Thanks for the extra information. It looks like the page is requesting information for the dashboard filters, even though the dashboard filters pane is not accessible for embedded dashboards. This is not expected so I’ll raise a bug for this. In the meantime to prevent this issue you should be able to delete the dashboard filter containing the email addresses.

Let me know if this explanation feels correct.

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Hi Tom,

You are right, if I deleted the dashboard filter, its fine !

Originally, i only disabled the filter, then this will happen.



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