Exception when call Realm.GetInstance();

Exception thrown at 0x75DAA6F2 in TestRealm.exe: Microsoft C++ exception: EEMessageException at memory location 0x012FDD88.
Exception thrown: ‘System.TypeInitializationException’ in Realm.dll
The type initializer for ‘Realms.SharedRealmHandle’ threw an exception.

I got this exception with my project ( WPF + Windows Application Packaging Project) when I called
var realm = Realm.GetInstance();

The app is attached here

What platform are you running this on?

It’s .Net Framework 4.7.2, Windows 10, WPF Application.

@nirinchev .Net Framework 4.7.2, Windows 10, WPF Application, you can take a look at my code example for more detail.

I was able to repro this - looks like it’s something related to the way WAP bundles native libraries. We’ll investigate this but in the meantime, you should be able to set TestRealm as your Startup Project and run it directly.

@nirinchev is there any update?