Every day at 12:59 as a value in document

Hi! I’m making a app and i want to search the database base on if time specific thing is near (like 1:25h).

I would like to search by current time until current tile+1:25h, and i don’t want to use ISOdates

Is there a way to do this.

Why? Explain. Using native date/time is more efficient in term of space and performance.

What do you want to use?

I want to show user specific time without using timestamps. I don’t want to reset them every so often

A bus schedule app and board

I do not really care the application. What I meant is What do you want to use instead of IsoDate?

IsoDate is still the recommendation.

What do you mean by the above? Reset what and why?

You might be too young to remember Y2K so read about it before not using IsoDate.

The recommendation is still IsoDate.


I really don’t want to add these for the better part of a year as isodates

these are timetables for whole day. these run 75% of the year. this is the problem that I don’t want to use isodates. I worry about getting the database so full just by adding them, Its true that timetables change around the new year but still, it will be around 250 lines with averagely 3.6 trips