Ever Increasing connections

Ever since checking my MongoDB Environment I’ve seen that the connection count to MongoDB is ever increasing:

I run my environment on 5 Rhel servers and the Connections correspond through all members

Any assistance would be appreciated

the screenshot only shows a few hours data. Maybe you have a higher traffic during that window?

Hi, thanks for your feedback - not at all, this would be an unusual circumstance and I’m afraid that I will run out of connections

This is an update, and have not been able to find the root cause just yet, as soon as I have, I will update but any assistance is appreciated

Update and Resolved:
Application Connection to MongoDB had one usecase that was opening files and connections and not closing them or using the connection pool that existed - Max open files were reached, all nodes went down, there was downtime and I had to increase the ulimit from 64k to 100k for max open files so that MongoDB could run for a bit until - restarted the usecase to remove all kept connections and pausing it until the developers take a look at it.

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