‘ETIMEOUT’ error connecting to Atlas

I’m getting the same ‘ETIMEOUT’ error as well. It was working at one time but I haven’t been able to connect for weeks now and cannot find a solution.

Hi @Joseph_Brown - Welcome to the community.

Has this been resolved yet?

If not, firstly ensure that the client’s IP is on the Network Access List.

It was working at one time

It could be that the ISP has changed the outgoing IP address for your network although this is just one thing that may have stopped it working. You can also try adding temporarily for troubleshooting purposes and see if you can connect after.

If you believe this is already done, please try performing the initial basic network connectivity tests and provide the output for the cluster you are having trouble connecting to:

  1. ping one of the hosts (prefereably the PRIMARY):
/// example
ping cluster0-shard-00-00.ze4xc.mongodb.net
  1. telnet to one of the hosts on port 27017:
/// example
telnet cluster0-shard-00-00.ze4cx.mongodb.net 27017

Note: You can find the hostname in the metrics page of your cluster

Additionally, I would recommend to review the Troubleshoot Connection Issues documentation and verify some configurations, such as adding the client’s IP (or IP ranges) to the Network Access List. You may also find the following blog post regarding tips for atlas connectivity useful.

Jason Tran