/etc/mongosh.conf is not used

Hi, I am using MongoDB: 6.0.3 with Mongosh: 1.6.0 and tried the mongosh.conf configuration to set my value but I don’t see it is being used.
I took the information from here:

This is my mongosh.conf:

   enableTelemetry: false

And I’m connecting to mongosh like this:
mongosh --port **** --host ****

And when checking the config I see this:
'enableTelemetry' => true,

Any idea why is the conf not working?

I can’t find a corresponding ticket for that but I seem to remember that the configuration parameters and values set with the configuration file are not shown when accessed by individual users with the config API. Telemetry should be, however, disabled.

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Hi @Massimiliano_Marcon , thanks for the quick reply! I will take your word for it :pray:
I only found this ticket that may be relevant: https://jira.mongodb.org/browse/MONGOSH-1141?jql=text%20~%20"Telemetry"

But not sure it answers to the same thing I found.
BTW, would this be fixed in the future?

Yes, that is exactly the ticket I could not find!

Yes, while it’s currently not the highest priority, we expect to fix it in the future.

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