I have installed the mms agent on target server and the mms automation agent is up and I saw the error messages from mms agent log:

[2024-02-13T18:41:23.989+0000] [.error] [metrics/collector/realcollector.go:mainLoop:132] [18:41:23.989] Error sending hardware metrics to MMS : POST http://host-opsmgr:8080/agents/api/automation/metrics/batch/v1/65cb7d3d220c4770c4b4be2a?ah=targethost.com&ahs=targethost&av= failed with status 400 with response body:
what is the error about?
I can ping target server from both sides.
anyone can help with this error [status 400]?

Issue resolved.
I assumed the new onboardproject name is too close to one of the existing one.
I check the agent conf file on target server again with new mmsGroupId and mmsApiKey generated, and check no extra space in the file the setting, restart mms agent and all looks normal.

  • Hank S.