Error with go driver for Field Level Encryption

hello, does anyone ever encounter this issue when with FLE, is there anything am I missing?

mongo-fle go run --tags cse .
/home/al/go/pkg/mod/ could not determine kind of name for C.mongocrypt_ctx_setopt_key_encryption_key
/home/al/go/pkg/mod/ could not determine kind of name for C.mongocrypt_setopt_kms_providers

the code: is this field-level-encryption-sandbox/go at master · mongodb-labs/field-level-encryption-sandbox (

Hello @Student_al_St! I believe this is caused by having an older version of libmongocrypt installed. Please upgrade to the latest release of libmongocrypt 1.2.1 by following the installation instructions here.


@Kevin_Albertson than the Ubuntu apt upstream is outdated for xenial and there is no client for Focal.

EDIT: I got it working. I will share to solution sometime later next week of so.

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