Error when ploading dependencies with automatic deployment

An issue that I found with automatic deployment enabled:

  • When uploading dependencies manually through Realm UI, it asks for review Draft & Deploy. When clicking Deploy it gives an error. The workaround is to disable automatic deployment, upload dependencies, review Draft & Deploy then finally enable the automatic deployment again.

Another issue with Realm CLI:

  • When trying to upload through Realm CLI, it seems to not work with --include-node-modules (I have a inside functions dir). Worked with --include-dependencies (although the CLI says it is deprecated and advised me to use the --include-node-modules)

And finally, one question:

Would it be possible to have the node_modules auto uploaded if it’s in the source code? I would like to add the to the git version control and have it uploaded to Realm. So Realm would verify if the (or tar, tar.gz) is different than the previous one and apply the upload.