Error using $facet operation on non-encrypted collection

I have a spring boot application that uses queryable encryption .
MongoClient is configured with mongodb driver version 4.11.1, mongodb crypt library 1.8.0 and crypt_shared library is 7.0.5.
The mongodb database has encrypted and non-encrypted collections. I’m getting an error csfle “analyze_query” error when running an aggregation pipeline that involves $facet operation. Here is the full error


com.mongodb.crypt.capi.MongoCryptException: csfle "analyze_query" failed: Aggregation stage $internalFacetTeeConsumer is not allowed or supported with automatic encryption. [Error 2, code 31011]
	at com.mongodb.crypt.capi.MongoCryptContextImpl.throwExceptionFromStatus(
I understand $facet operation is not supported for encrypted collection, but it should work against non-encrypted collection. ?  Is this a bug?