Error uploading realm function dependencies

Hi, I’m having the following error message when trying to upload node_modules.tar.gz file to Realm Functions dependencies:
error: multipart: NextPart: read tcp → : i/o timeout
File size is below the 10mb limit, being 5mb in size. Upload works when the file size is below 2mb.
My Realm-Cli version : 1.1.0. Thanks.

Hey Mounir - can you attach your zipped file here so we can take a look and also share what dependencies you’re adding when going from the 2mb -> 5mb file size?

Thanks for your response. Here is the file:
This is a failed attempt to fit the library opencv4nodejs into the 10mb constraint. What is strange, is that I keep receiving the ‘error: multipart: NextPart: i/o timeout’ message even though the file is under 5mb.