Error "text.path" is required which vector search using PyMongo while using aggregate function using pipeline

I am using python from local machine
I am getting error “text.path” is required, full error: {‘ok’: 0.0, ‘errmsg’: ‘“text.path” is required’, ‘code’: 8,…
my call is
pipeline = [
“$search”: {
“text”: {
“query”: “”, # Empty for vector search
“knn”: {
“field”: “text_embedding”, # Replace with your field name
“query”: query_vector, # Your query vector
“k”: 5, # Number of neighbors to return

if i provide empty message of path in text , then i get text.query cannot be empty.

I am trying to do vector search not text query

i am using M0(free version) of atlas

Hi @hitish_singla To perform vector search you should use the $vectorSearch syntax as described here -

The syntax of $search and knnbeta ( for vector search are deprecated now