Error retrieving data using Realm

I have successfully connected using Realm with flexible sync. In the provider I attempt to retrieve a list of projects using


And I get an empty array though the Atlas database contains data.

When I attempt to use useQuery(Project), I get the following error:

Error: Expected an object schema name, object instance or class

This is my schema:

// import Realm from "realm";
import Realm from "realm";

export class Project extends Realm.Object {
  static schema = {
    name: "Project",
    primaryKey: "_id",
    properties: {
      _id: "uuid",
      area: "string",
      customer: "string",
      customercontact: "string",
      rigcompany: "string",
      projectname: "string",
      description: "string",
      projectedstartdate: "date",
      actualstartdate: "date",
      expectedduration: "int",
      actualduration: "int",
      status: "string",
      statusdate: "date",
      comment: "string",
      latdec: "double",
      longdec: "double",

My relevant App.js code:

export default AppWrapper = () => {
  return (
    <AppProvider id={"devicesync - xxxxx"}>
      <RealmProvider schema={Project}>
          <App />