Error: querySrv ENOTFOUND

Hi All,

I have 3 laptops at my home on the same Internet network. When I am trying to connect to MongoShell on 2 of them, it is connecting perfectly with the MongoShell comman as below:

mongosh “mongodb+srv://” --username devuser

However, my 3rd Laptop is giving me error for the exact same command as:

Error: querySrv ENOTFOUND

I have installed the MongoShell follwing the exact same procedure on all laptops and even I checked there is no issue with the firewall.

Can someone please suggest a solution to this. Going crazy as not finding a solution or reason.

Harsh Jain

Getting the below error

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Attached is the screenshot of my error.

Same command from same cmd window is working fine in rest of the 2 laptops

I got the solution. There was an issue with my connection command. It is working fine now on all 3 laptops now


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