Error processing request - MongoDB Charts


We have installed MongoDB Charts in an AWS instance, it worked well some days, but now we have this message when we want to log on this MongoDB Charts : “error processing request”

The Metadata for MongoCharts is in a MongoAtlas.
The database to construct the charts is our AWS server and we have access using a MongoCompass.

Can you help us, please ?
Thank you in advance.

Hi @Fernanda_Borja

I’m not aware of any issues with Charts right now so it may be specific to your environment somehow.

Could you use the chat button at the lower right of the page so that the support team can help you?


Hello @tomhollander,
Thank you for your answer. I’m using MongoDB Charts in my AWS EC2 environment.
I’ve checked in the environnement to know if it is an error there, and it is not.
Do have you ever encountered this error before?

Thank you in advance.


Oh I see this is an on-prem deployment. Charts on-prem is no longer supported, but I’d suggest stopping and restarting the Docker stack to see if that helps.