Error parsing YAML config file

I get similar type of error to Error parsing YAML config file: yaml-cpp: error at line 37, column 4: end of map not found while invoking in MongoDB command-line action from REST end point. I am ready to attach screen shot if anybody specifically look into it.

This is a 2 years old thread.

I recommend that you create a new one with the screenshot and a description of the problem so that we do not have to read this old thread to figure out what is your issue.

Please post a screenshot of your configuration file.

Thank you for your reply. I have some basic problems. I have Windows 10 where I installed MongoDB Server. I have no remote access to any server. Can I use command-line action for - - rest expansion for mongod from this platform? I use here Entire Configuration of file option.
For getting remote access, should I have to install MongoDB again on Windows Server or any virtual server or cloud server ? Since dedicated server is bit costly, I do not want to install at this moment.
With this my existing platform, , ex. MongoDB on Windows 10, can I use only three local ports , ex. port: 27017, port: 27018 and port:27019 ?

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