Error parsing command line: unrecognized option: --uri

GETTING this error. Kindly Anyone Please Help

You should not use mongosh with your mongoimport command

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On doing the suggested, this error is prompted

Do you have mongodump binary on your system?
If yes it could be path issue
If not you have to install mongodb tools

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Sir, I added the PATH in the system settings already. and try reinstalling too… It’s not resolved yet…!!
Any other suggestions please?

Do you see mongodump under bin?
Can you invoke it from bin dir and see if it is working or not
Also show us output of PATH from your Windows cmd prompt

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Running from bin.

latest path entries

Can you check mongodump & mongorestore in bin dir?
I don’t think it is there
You have to install mongodb tools which will have these utilities
Earlier it was packaged with mongodb software but not anymore
So you have to download mongodb tools and install

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I installed the tools, they are installed in another dir “C:\Program Files\MongoDB\Tools” and added to path as well.