Error on IP whitelisting even though i choose PLEASE HELP

Hello. I have a problem that even though I choose the IP
My heroku app didn’t work and it keeps on crashing

Please see the logs. And can someone help me. Thank you.

Hi @Veronica_Luceriano,

If your cluster has in the IP access list, it’s something else. Is the port 27017 open? Are you sure that you have the right credentials? Is your driver compatible with your current cluster version?

I see some suspicious line in their like the line “failed to bind to $PORT”. Looks like the port is evaluated to $PORT instead of the an actual port value. Also later it says “MONGO CONNECTED”. So is it connected or not? Maybe it’s a code issue so if you can share the relevant piece of code, maybe this could help.

But before we go further in the investigation, I would eliminate that possibility by testing a Hello World project that works for sure.