Error fetching info from OAuth2 provider

I started work on a React Native project about a week ago and originaly just set it up with email and password login, that works find but after trying to set up Google Sign In I’ve hit a bit of a roadblock.

It seems to be able to work when I have OpenID Connect turned on, but I would like to be able to recieve the meta data when a user signs up. I’m able to log out my meta data so its getting passed making the request to Google, but below is the error I’m getting;

Any suggestions are welcome as I’m out of ideas!

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Following the thread, as I am looking into this as well.

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I wasn’t able to figure out whether you were using OpenID connect or not. If you are using OpenID, then metadata isn’t something Realm provides

Same issue as OP. I could not get Google Sign In working until I turned on OpenID Conenct in the realm authentication provider portal. Once I turned on OpenID Connect everything worked fine, but I could not get it to work without this.

I was fine with that setting, so I moved forward without much investigation. I no longer have the error messages or steps to replicate the problem. I am only posting this reply here in case others who are experiencing the same issue know to try turning on OpenID Connect through the Realm portal.