Error enabling free monitoring on MongoDB Community Server Version 4.0.8

I am an user of MongoDB Community Edition 4.0.8 version on my local platform Windows 7, 64 bit. I also use MongoDB Atlas Cluster as a network service user of MongoDB Community Edition. While I use the following command line from mongoshell, db.enableFreeMonitoring() , I get the following error

Unable to get response from the cloud monitoring service. We will continue to retry in the background. Please check your firewall settings to ensure that mongod can communicate with "https: //

Hi @Arindam_Biswas2, specific apps like MongoDB server can be allowed through firewall on Windows. Check the settings. Also, if you are on a corporate network or corporate VPN, consult with network admins to find out if the outgoing traffic is being blocked to Maybe, they need to explicitly add it to the allowed list.

Let me know if any of this helps.


Thank you for your reply. Sorry for delay. I was using the older version of MongoDB that too on Windows 7 whose EOL has already been declared. I uninstalled both Windows 7 and older version of MongoDB and reinstalled MongoDB 4.4.6 on Windows 10.
Now, I am getting cloud free monitoring.

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