Error dumping time-series collection with mongodump

Hello, I am trying to backup a time-series collection with mongodump. All of my other collections are dumping out fine. However the time series collection thows this error:

2023-10-25T17:02:49.062+0000    writing soiltech.system.buckets.v2SignalData to signal_dump/soiltech/system.buckets.v2SignalData.bson.gz
2023-10-25T17:02:49.208+0000    Failed: error getting count from db: (Unauthorized) not authorized on soiltech to execute command { count: "system.buckets.v2SignalData", lsid: { id: UUID("6d9b51c5-21a4-47ff-9b2c-3813da9b6913") }, $db: "soiltech" }

Using DB version: 5.0.6

Any insight appreciated, thank you!

Hi @dev_ops9,
Do you have the necessary permissions to perform operations in that database?


Hi @Fabio_Ramohitaj,

Yes, it should have the necessary permisions as an “admin” role, its the only role. That role has “find” action which includes “count” I believe.

All other collections (97 of them) dump fine. It is just this one collection that has a problem and it happens to be the only time-series collection.

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Hi @dev_ops9,
To remove all doubt can you create a root user and try to dump that collection with it?
If it doesn’t work, can you try to update the database tools to the latest version and then retry the backup operation?