Error adding data to collection via react app (GraphQL)

I use MongoDB Realm and the GraphQL API I get from realm to do crud stuff in my react app, I created a schema and set up everything on the Realm side, then I implemented login in my React app and logged in as a user I created but when I try to add new data to my collection I get the error

Uncaught (in promise) Error: reason="no matching role found for document with _id: ObjectID(\"5f351ffd4a3ebb5bd166ae4f\")"; code="NoMatchingRuleFound"; untrusted="insert not permitted"; details=map[]

Can anyone help me debug this please, I already have the standard role, and when I created the Schema I selected “User can only read & write own data”

Hey @Ivan_Jeremic, there might be an issue with the way you’ve set up roles for your application and for the user. Do you mind describing how you’ve set up your rules + permissions or messaging me your application URL so I can take a look.