Erorr while creating a connection to MongoDB

Getting Error while connecting to MongoDB activity

What exactly are you trying to connect from? That’s a mongodb connection string, but the provider will probably not understand something in that format or be able to talk to Mongo directly.

Typically the connection string here will be something like (for SQL Server):

Driver={SQL Server};Server=myServerAddress;Database=myDataBase;Uid=myUsername;Pwd=myPassword;

See here:

If you want to talk to mongo from an application that does not natively support talking to Mongo and it’s document based data, then you go through a SQL interface, either the BI connector or with newer Atlas versions the SQL connector:

Seems that there is an ODBC connector for the Atlas SQL Interface:

If you install that ODBC driver, then you can use the build option to build a correct connection string or setup an ODBC connection using the driver.

The BI connector emulates the MySQL style protocol, acting as a translation layer to convert hierarchical document style data to row based so that traditional tools can talk to it.

If you setup the BI Connector locally be wary of the settings as it needs to do a schema scan to work out how to represent a document in tabular format as well as adding new collections as you may need to restart the BI connector to pick up these changes unless you have setup a re-scan schedule. There are lots of options for specifying filters so you can limit what it scans to optimize startup times, with a BIG set of databases and collections it can take a while to start up if it needs to scan a large number of collections.