Encrypted backups using Community Edition


I am new to MongoDB administration. Can someone clarify if encrypting backups is possible when generating backups using Community Edition?


@SatyaKrishna The “generation” of backups is via tooling outside of the MongoDB server, so this is broadly possible depending on your environment and requirements. For supported backup approaches, see: MongoDB Backup Methods.

If you are backing up via file system snapshots or cloud provider snapshots, there are generally options to save snapshots to an encrypted volume. You’ll have to consult the relevant filesystem or cloud provider documentation for more information on available options. Typically these are using volume-level encryption rather than file-level encryption.

If you are using a management service like MongoDB Ops Manager (which is part of an Enterprise Advanced subscription), this can include support for encrypted backups depending on your configuration. Similar to filesystem or cloud provider snapshots, available options generally depend on the destination for your backup rather than the source.

If you are looking for an easier solution for managing your MongoDB deployments (including configuration, monitoring, and backup), I would also consider MongoDB Atlas. MongoDB Atlas is a managed service running MongoDB Enterprise Edition.


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Thank you for your response. I am looking specifically database backups (and not file system snapshots).
I cannot go with Mongo Atlas as well because all our databases should be on prem and not on cloud.

In that case seems to me that the best approach is to use mongodump and then encrypt the resulting files.
However, depending on the size of your dataset and number of indexes, the mongodump/mongorestore procedure could be a bad solution, due to the time spent in the tasks.

Filesystem snapshots could help in this case, even on prem, you could work with mount points and ISOs, maybe…

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