Enabling compression

When connecting to atlas using mongodb-scala-driver 2.9 it states that driver will negotiate compression to use between snappy, zlib. It also explains that you can set compression by setting compressor in url (which I have set to snappy).

I am just looking to confirm if there is anything else I need to do on client side or Atlas side - to me it doesn’t appear to require any additional configuration.

Hi @Colin_Bester,

You will also need the snappy dependency on your classpath. See: http://mongodb.github.io/mongo-java-driver/4.1/driver-scala/tutorials/compression/#dependencies


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Gotcha on including snappy - I was just looking to confirm that no other settings were required as except for monitoring with something like Wireshark I am unable to confirm compression being enabled to/from Atlas.

Correct, that’s all you need. The Connection string setting and supporting library to do the compression.

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