Enable Data API via atlas cli or curl


is there any way to enable Data API via atlas cli or curl ?
I want to automate the Atlas cluster creation process without touching UI


Asking the same question again and again (third time in this case) is not the best way to get a faster response.

It slows down everyone because we have to read again and again the same.

If someone knows the answer, you will be answered when they connect. Some do not connect everyday so showing a little bit of patience is welcome.

I asked in different groups. is it forbidden? maybe someone checks only specific groups

Most people that could answer probably read all the groups.

Just in case I moved your post to the MongoDB Atlas group and added a few tags.

It is a topic for discussion. I only read selected groups, this is why I posted in a few different groups to increase my chances of an answer

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anyway, I’m almost sure there is no way to enable Data API via cli or curl. I was also checking realm cli but no luck