Enable Data API via atlas cli / curl


is there any way to enable Data API via atlas cli or curl ?


Hi @Arkadiusz_Borucki,

When enabling the Data API through the UI, An Atlas App Services App is created (for the Data API).

In saying so, you can try using Create Application API specifying the value "data-api" for the query parameter "product". Once this is created, you can get and use the {appid} (from the Data API app created previously) value along with {groupid} to enable the Data API.

However, I have encountered a bug in the UI with the above steps where the Data API is enabled but the Data ServicesData API screen does not represent the correct state (screenshot below). I have reported this behaviour which is being worked on.

You can see that the Data API is "Enabled" yet the UI from this section is still asking for the Data API to be enabled

Upon checking if the data Data API is enabled in the app itself:

With the above, perhaps it may be best to go through the UI at this stage to enable the Data API. I’ll update this topic once this unexpected behaviour is resolved.

Hope this helps.



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