EMEA vMUG: Aggregation Pipeline Translator with ChatGPT, Kubernetes Operator and Kafka Connector!

Welcome to the inaugural Virtual EMEA MongoDB User Group Meetup! We are excited to bring the MongoDB enthusiasts in EMEA together for an afternoon filled with learning and opportunities to interact with fellow MongoDB users in your time zone.

To RSVP - Please click on the “✓ RSVP ” link at the top of this event page if you plan to attend. The link should change to a green highlighted button if you are going. You need to be signed in to access the button.

Microservices and serverless offerings can significantly shorten the time between an idea and practical implementation. But what does something like this look like in practice?

In the first session, we will look at how an idea can be realized quickly and easily with MongoDB Atlas with @Timo_Lackmann and @michael_hoeller . We will not only look at the database but the complete application stack and show how to implement a MongoDB Aggregation pipeline translator with ChatGPT and MongoDB Atlas.

Once you’ve gained a solid understanding of the core concepts, we’ll provide opportunities to break out into different Breakout Rooms to learn new things like using :bookmark: MongoDB Kubernetes Operator from @Arkadiusz_Borucki or Understanding MongoDB Kafka Connector with @hpgrahsl or apply your learnings, participate in:dart: Trivia and Query Language Challenge (win exciting prizes :gift:) or hang out with other attendees in the Hangout Room


:video_camera: Event Type: Online

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Meeting ID: 97203953948

Passcode: 188795



Timo Lackmann

MongoDB Senior Solutions Architect

Speaker, Organizer


Michael Höller

MongoDB Champion | Independent Consultant

Arek Borucki

MongoDB Champion | Principal SRE Database Engineer at Beamery


Hans-Peter Grahsl

MongoDB Champion | Developer Advocate at RedHat


Looks awesome - can’t wait!

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Wow, I’m thrilled to be a part of the inaugural Virtual EMEA MongoDB User Group Meetup! It’s great to see the MongoDB community coming together for an exciting afternoon of learning and networking. The topic of microservices and serverless offerings sounds intriguing. I’m eager to understand how they can accelerate idea implementation. Looking forward to the first session with @Timo_Lackmann, where we’ll explore the practical application of MongoDB Atlas and dive into implementing a MongoDB Aggregation pipeline with ChatGPT and MongoDB Atlas. This promises to be an insightful and hands-on session! Can’t wait to learn and connect with fellow MongoDB enthusiasts in the EMEA time zone. See you all there!


Hey @Kaftan_Tomer,
Glad to know that you are excited about the event. Make sure you RSVP for the event

To RSVP - Please click on the “✓ RSVP ” link at the top of this event page if you plan to attend. The link should change to a green highlighted button if you are going. You need to be signed in to access the button.

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I was in the process of learning :nerd_face::nerd_face: kubernetes and kafka. I am super exited for this event to learn more about it :fireworks::fireworks:


Hey All,
Gentle Reminder: The EMEA MUG Virtual Meetup is tomorrow at 11:00 AM. We are thrilled to have you join us.

We want to make sure everyone has a fantastic time, so please join us at 11:00 AM to ensure you don’t miss any of the sessions. We can also have some time to chat before the talks begin.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask by replying to this thread. :thread:

Looking forward to seeing you all at the event tomorrow!


Hey Everyone!
Gentle Reminder - We will be starting soon!

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Hey Everyone!
Thank you for being a part of our virtual meetup. For those who couldn’t attend, we’ve got you covered with the recording of the event. Stay tuned, as we’ll be polishing the recordings and getting them ready for a YouTube release very soon.


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Thanks for sharing the recordings, @Harshit, It was a great learning experience, specifically learned some great things related to atlas vecor search, and mongoDB features related to data structure. :+1:


It’s interesting to see how MongoDB Atlas is being utilized to bring ideas to life quickly and easily. The session seems to offer a comprehensive view of not just the database itself, but the entire application stack. The integration of ChatGPT and MongoDB Atlas, specifically for implementing a MongoDB Aggregation pipeline translator, sounds like an innovative approach. I’m curious to learn more about how these technologies work together and what practical applications can be achieved.



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