Embedded Object Sync

I’m currently designing my database classes/schemas and I like the embedded object feature. To understand the syncing process I just have one question.
If I change one property of an embedded object, does Realm Sync has to sync the whole object + the parent object also? Or which parts actually get synced?:
a) only the property
b) the whole embedded object (which might include children , if there are any)
c) the whole embedded object + all parents

Thank you

Hi David – This depends a little on what the actual change to the database is. Realm generally sends diffs/changes at the leaf-level so if a single property is updated then the change sent to the client would be the property + metadata describing the change (most closely corresponding with A).

One area where you may see additional information being sent as a part of the change is if you are performing ‘replaces’ at the document-level directly to MongoDB – In this case we will send the entire new top-level document, corresponding to C).


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