Eliminar colecciones en mongodb

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Como puedo eliminar/modificar una colección, que por error su nombre fue mal escrito con espacios, caracteres, etc.

Nombre de una colección con espacios
usuarios Doc
SesionesDoc Tx {1};

Hello @edith_t ,

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I tried translating your question in Google translate and please correct me if my understanding of your use-case is wrong but I think you are trying to rename an existing collection in your database?

If that is right, then I believe you can use db.collection.renameCollection(). This method operates within a collection by changing the metadata associated with a given collection.


Call the db.collection.renameCollection() method on a collection object. For example:


This operation will rename the rrecord collection to record .

Refer to the documentation renameCollection for additional warnings and messages.


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Hello @Tarun_Gaur

I tried change the name of the collection but show the next error:

db.Prueba uno.renameCollection(“prueba”);

Error: clone(t={}){const r=t.loc||{};return e({loc:new Position("line"in r?r.line:this.loc.line,"column"in r?r.column:……)} could not be cloned.

The problem is rename a collection when have space in the name, because does not allow me delete or modify this collection.

Hey @edith_t ,

To update such collection name, one can try using below code in mongosh

var authColl = db.getCollection("Prueba uno");

Alternate way to do the same via query

db[“Prueba uno”].renameCollection(“prueba”)

Note: Please test the code in your test environment and update the code as per your requirements before making any changes to production environment.



Thank you very much, this query was just what I needed, it helped me to solve my doubt.



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