Duplicate Error

Hi, I’m getting a duplicate error when creating a new record.


new Schema({
  organisation_name: {
    type: String,
    unique: true,
    required: true,
  members: [
      user_id: {
        type: Schema.Types.ObjectId,
        required: true,
        unique: true,
        ref: "User",
      _id: false,

Creating a doc query

      members: [{ user_id: id, role: "owner" }],


 E11000 duplicate key error collection: pmt.organisations index: members.user_id_1 dup key: { members.user_id: ObjectId('12331231231') }

Thank You

Indexed fields like user_id can not be duplicated.

The same will happen if you run db.collections.insertOne({_id:1}), because _id is an index.

From the value it seems to have been created manually (members.user_id: ObjectId('12331231231')).

What you should do is to have the user_id value created automatically, and not accepting it from user input.

Maybe someone else can complete this with some extra help.

The MongoDB article for indexes is also quite good: https://www.mongodb.com/docs/manual/indexes/

Yeah, I understood the issue.

It’s because of indexes, which create conflicts. so I resolved it by removing the index on that reference document.

and ‘12331231231’ this id is manually written while creating above issue


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