Dummy password needed for password reset function?

I recently visited the discussion here:

I also read the documentation here:

So it says to use the reset function I must use something like below:

callResetPasswordFunction("myUsername", "newPassword", ["Security Question Answer 1", "Security Question Answer 2", "securityCode:0510"])

But say for example, I wanted to verify the user’s email address by using my function to send an email with a link to a page where they can reset their password as found here:

await app.emailPasswordAuth.resetPassword({  password: "newPassw0rd",  token,  tokenId,});

The above is from: https://www.mongodb.com/docs/realm/web/manage-email-password-users/

Because callResetPasswordFunction requires the password as a parameter I would have no choice but to use a dummy password when calling this method. I want to return “pending” and not “success” so the user can finish resetting the password after they verify their email.

Note that I don’t want to use sendResetPasswordEmail because I’m using NodeMailer in my password reset function as a way to avoid having to use MongoDB’s letterhead and address in the email.

So, anyway I think I’m writing this more for clarification than anything else. I don’t know why Realm would more or less require the callResetPasswordFunction to expect success rather than pending as a return value but allow sendResetPasswordEmail to make use of both.

In short I guess what I’m saying is callResetPasswordFunction should have password as an optional parameter.