Dublin MUG: Let’s talk Atlas, Realm and MongoDB Queries

G’Day, Folks, :wave:

It’s great to know we are now starting to get back to normal and more exciting things have started happening now… :orange_heart:

Dublin MongoDB User Group is excited to kick off :partying_face: it’s very first in-person event on 27th April 2022.

About this Event

The meetup invites anyone interested to understand MongoDB. The event talks are of mixed nature from beginners to intermediates. We are open to any feedback you may have and will take into account developer interest in future events.


Time Topic
18:00 PM Food and Networking
18:30 PM Welcome and Introduction
18:40 PM Application/Code first approach with MongoDB
19:10 PM Query Optimisation in MongoDB
19:40 PM Building a database using Kotlin Multiplatform Realm SDK

Talks and Speaker Details

We have some amazing speakers talking about MongoDB things :smiley:

Talk 01: Application/code first approach with MongoDB

Level : Beginners


Rita Rodrigues @Rita_Martins_Rodrigu

Lead, Developer Relations at MongoDB

Rita is a woman in tech that has designed and developed software for some time. Now she mentors and leads teams. Rita is passionate about helping developers to solve challenging problems. In her free time, she loves spending time with her 2 daughters (Bea and Eva) doing lots of fun artistic arts & crafts, knitting, and cooking.

Talk 02: Query Optimization in MongoDB

Level: Intermediate/Expert

Sheila Doyle @Sheila_Doyle

Technical Service Engineer, MongoDB

Sheila loves to optimize. She is a woman in tech that helps solve problems and is working with the MongoDB core team for almost 4 years now. In her spare time, she likes to play with her dog and do gardening in her backyard.

Talk 03: Building a database using Kotlin Multiplatform Realm SDK

Level: Intermediate

Ian Arbuckle @Ian_Arbuckle

Software Engineer, Zendesk

Ian is a Mobile app developer specializing in Android with experience in the Travel industry. He enjoys spending time traveling, reading, and engaging in activities such as football and fitness.


Location Details

Event Type: In-Person
MongoDB, Ballsbridge, Dublin

To RSVP - Please click on the “✓ Going” link at the top of this event page if you plan to attend. The link should change to a green button if you are Going. You need to be signed in to access the button.

Workplace Guidelines

  • A guard or a volunteer will be at the reception for door opening. Please arrive on time.

  • Please sign in at the reception iPad when you enter in

  • The event will take place in the Office cafeteria on the third floor. Access to the third floor will be given by the volunteer or the guard.

  • Doors will close at 18:15 PM. Contact +353- 899722424 if you come after that

  • Please be respectful of the workplace.

I welcome you all to join the Dublin MongoDB User group, introduce yourself, and I look forward to collaborating with our developer community for more exciting things :smiley:

Cheers, :performing_arts:


Hi @GeniusLearner tedXdtc

Hello @Tushti_Joshi, :wave:

Welcome to MongoDB Community :smiley: and our Dublin, Ireland MUG event :wink:

I believe you are referring to Sanchit, he is an organizer for our Delhi -User group. Please feel free to join the Delhi MUG and the discussions.

Cheers, :performing_arts: