Dublin MUG in collaboration with React Dublin

Howdy Folks,

Dublin MUG will have its first meetup of 2023 on 25th January in collaboration with React Dublin group :partying_face: :partying_face:


Time Topic
18:00 PM Welcome - Snacks, Beer, and Networking
19:00 PM Introductory Announcements
19:10 PM Talks
20:30 PM Closing

Talks and Speaker Details

Talk 01: Build a Trivia App with Atlas App Services and React

@Josman_Perez_Exposit Senior Technical Service Engineer, MongoDB

In this talk, we will create a trivia game with MongoDB Atlas and React.
The game will allow us to choose between several categories and will show us questions. The app will have a ranking based on parameters and we allow you to compete with others and check the leaderboard.

Talk 2: Web Projects Grounds, Prepare Your Project Structure to Scale

Matheus Monte Software Engineer, Indeed

In this talk, we will talk about how important it is to keep a logical organization of the app structure to help you scale not just on features, but in code maintainability.

Talk 3: Create and Use Your First NFT with React and OpenZepellin

Ricardo Luz Tech Lead, Qstream

NFT, also known as a non-fungible token, is one of the most buzzing words on the internet; it embraces the web3 potential for artwork, games, and music and will vastly impact intellectual property and copyright.
We can now start exploring the possibilities of using a provider like OpenZepellin and React to build robust applications.
This talk will share how you can begin to combine frontend applications and NFT as a web3 developer - and a glance into the exciting future of the web.

Want to give a talk?

If you are interested in sharing a project or your experience, please register your interest.


Location Details

Event Type: In-Person
MongoDB, Ballsbridge, Dublin

To RSVP - Please click on the “✓ Going” link at the top of this event page if you plan to attend. The link should change to a green button if you are Going. You need to be signed in to access the button.

Many Thanks to our speakers and the GitNation Team.

GitNation is a foundation contributing to the development of the technological landscape by organizing events which focus on the open source software. They organize meaningful and entertaining JavaScript conferences and meetups, connecting talented engineers, researchers, and core teams of important libraries and technologies.

Workplace Guidelines

  • Volunteers will be at the gate for door opening. Please arrive on time.

  • Please sign in at the reception iPad when you enter in

  • The event will take place in the Office cafeteria on the third floor. Access to the third floor will be given by the volunteer.

  • Doors require access. Contact +353- 899722424 if no one is available to open the door.

  • Please be respectful of the workplace.

I welcome you all to join the Dublin MongoDB User group, introduce yourself, and I look forward to collaborating with our developer community for more exciting things :smiley:

Cheers, :performing_arts:


Thank you all for the amazing time at the event. Some highlights are below: