Download for Windows

Hello, I’m having an issue downloading the windows software. I select the windows option, but no package name appears in the list. I’m clearly doing something wrong… please can someone help? Thanks.

Downloading what exactly?

The mongo shell… this is from the instructions:

Chapter 0: Setup

Installing the mongo Shell (Windows)

What is the Mongo Shell ?

The mongo shell is an interactive JavaScript interface to MongoDB. You can use the mongo shell to query and update data as well as to perform administrative operations.

In this course, we will be using the mongo shell to connect to our Atlas Cluster, practice running queries, and to interact with the MongoDB database.

Installing Mongo Shell on Windows

Now we are going to download the MongoDB Enterprise server from the MongoDB download center . MongoDB Enterprise server is bundled with a number of executables that are part of the MongoDB ecosystem, including the mongo shell .

1. Go to the MongoDB Download Center -> select Windows x64 as your operating system from the dropdown menu then download the .msi file .

Can you share a screenshot of what you’re seeing?

hope that is clear? I select windows OS but no package list appears and I cannot continue.

That’s clear indeed!

Try from a different browser.

Yay, chrome seems to be working, thank you!